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Southern Fried Seafood! Mouth Watering Flavor!

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Gulf Coast Fish Fry Seasoned 12oz.

“The special blend of cornmeal and spices will make your fish light and crispy and this is all you will need to spice up your favorite fried fish”

Seasoned Shrimp & Oyster Fry 12oz.

“Seasoned corn and wheat flour add that golden brown, mouth watering flavor for your seafood frying needs.”

Homestyle Hushpuppy Mix 11oz.

“These moist and crisp hushpuppies are the perfect side dish to complete your catch of the day.”

Jalapeno Hushpuppy Mix 11oz.

“These are for those who like a little spice in their life. Spice up your meal, by adding a little zip to the hushpuppy you serve today.”