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Helpful Tips


You will be provided with 2 full color posters that show the beginning date and end date of your sale for you to post at your discretion.

Safety tips:

At South Texas Milling, we always put the safety of the children in our program first. We have a full list of safety tips on the second page of every order form.

Totaling your sales:

We provide you with a worksheet that has been formatted for every item amount and total. This is on our website under forms. We urge you to take the time to total as they come in. It makes for a much smoother and less stressful time for the Campaign sponsor. The great thing about this form is not only does it tally every item and the entire total of the invoice, it also totals per seller. It is your double check for your entire sale.


We suggest that upon delivery, you find a large room to set your items out in the same order as the order form. Please count all items. You have 24 hours from delivery to verify that you have all that you ordered. We triple check our items before shipping; however, we are all human. Having been in your shoes, we have found the best way to sort the items is to have one person holding the order form and calling out the item and number of that item for that order and other putting the items in the distribution packages. Even with the largest of groups, we have found that less help is actually more. 4 groups of 2 is ideal. If you have a group stuffing and another group rechecking the order, it goes much faster.


We have found that incentives that come from the organization is a much easier way for you to reward the sellers. Here are a few suggestions: Top 2 sellers per grade receive a limo ride. Most limo companies are very slow during the day and will give discounted rates if you request them. Each seller that meets $100 gets a movie and popcorn party on a Friday afternoon. Each seller that meets $50 gets an extended recess. Gift certificate for the top seller. One year we did a "fancy lunch" on the stage at our elementary school with a favorite teacher for the top seller from each class. They provided their own lunch but we had a fancy decor. The kids loved it. You can always go to the local dollar store and buy prizes if that is what motivates your sellers. Principal for the day for the top seller or top sellers of each class. Lunch with the principal for the top seller of each class. Pizza party for the class that sells the most. Some of the best incentives are when the actual money goes back to the seller in one way or another. We have dance, band, gymnastic, FFA, karate, and sports groups who pay for their costumes/uniforms, travel, dues, etc. by doing our fundraiser. If mom and dad know that they are trying to raise $1000 for their costumes and monthly dues so they need to sell $2000 to pay for all of it, they tend to sell to reach that goal. As you can see if you get creative, you can do a lot with a little. This allows us to keep our profit margins high and more money there at your organization. 


It's very wise to encourage your teachers to keep the sellers excited. They can make a chart of who has sold the most or a class chart with a total. Anything that will be a constant reminder to get out and sell. The kids will remain as excited as you keep them. When you distribute the brochure and order form; that day the kids are very excited. It goes home and usually sits after that day of selling until the day before unless they are reminded often. It is recommended that during the dismissal announcements, the students be reminded daily. We also suggest that you send this home on a Monday so that the week is fresh and it does not sit in a backpack all weekend. If you are an organization that meets less often, emailing or texting reminders every couple of days is very helpful in keeping your campaign in the forefront of their mind and encouraging continued sales.