Old Fashion Yellow Popcorn

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This popcorn is light and fluffy. Just the perfect thing for an afternoon snack or can be used as a perfect compliment to your favorite recipe. This is popcorn like we used to have when we were kids.

Choose from our Cloth Bag or Heat Sealed Bag.

Directions for Popping: Pour 1/4 cup cooking oil in a deep pot with a cover. Briefly heat on med-high. Add 3/4 cup popcorn then cover pot. Shake gently until popping slows and remove from heat. Pour into large bowl, add melted butter and salt or your favorite toppings.

Our product may also be prepared using conventional air poppers using manufacturer's instructions.

Ingredients: Texas grown yellow popcorn.

No additives or preservatives.
"The Way Nature Intended"
Nothing Added

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