Shrimp & Oyster Fry

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“Seasoned corn and wheat flour add that golden brown, mouth watering flavor for your seafood frying needs.”

Directions: Heat oil in deep fry pan to 375 degrees. Wash seafood in cold water and let drain. Coat damp seafood with Shrimp & Oyster Fry. Fry seafood until golden brown. To spice up your fried vegetables use our seasoned Shrimp & Oyster Fry on your okra, squash, or zucchini.

*For a thicker crispier batter dip seafood or vegetables in mixture of 3/4 cup milk and 1 egg beaten before coating with fry.

You may also want to try the time saving Better Breader™. Just insert our Shrimp & Oyster Fry as per instructions and your shrimp or oysters into the Better Breader™ and shake for perfectly coated seafood with no mess.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, stone ground yellow corn flour, salt, red pepper, garlic powder, black pepper. Contains Wheat

No additives or preservatives.
"The Way Nature Intended"
Nothing Added

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